Reservations, 24-hour dishes, and what else is new at Manam at the Triangle

Manam has opened a new branch at the Triangle, and we’re enjoying all of our old favorites, as well as some very intriguing new ones

bibingka puto bumbong donut
Bibingka croissants, puto bumbong donuts, and other Christmas gifts for people with a sweet tooth

Here’s a festive and edible gift idea for your loved ones: kakanin-inspired and Christmas-themed cakes, pastries, and desserts

How to make binutong, a Bicolano rice delicacy wrapped in a banana leaf

Photographer Aya Cabauatan makes binutong using regular malagkit rice and black sticky rice and a generous amount of coconut milk and cream

This karioka recipe will bring home the office merienda experience

The sticky, sweet, deep-fried rice ball isn’t usually the star of afternoon snacking—but it should be

Taho ice cream and kakanin donuts: Our favorite fusion food discoveries from 2020

2020 was a good year for mixing and matching different dishes and flavors into one, and you can’t change our mind

Plant-based food and ice cream everything are the next stars of 2021’s food scene

2020 might not have gone the way we planned, but at least we had a…

Bibingka and puto bumbong con Nutella are here just in time for Simbang Gabi

How do you know Christmas is just ‘round the corner? There are tell-tale signs—even in…

Theo and Brom Christmas Food Trends header nolisoliph
The Christmas food trend forecast

The year has been stressful—to say the very least.  With food becoming our lifeline for…

In Baguio, ‘kakanin donuts’ made with rice flour in bibingka, pinipig, ube and leche flan flavors

G and C Cafe is a small café serving guests of Hotel Cosmopolitan in Baguio.…

Baklava Snow Globe Cheesecake Tres Leches Cake Macaron nolisoliph
Turkish delights, snow globe cheesecake and where to find other unique sweet treats

Quarantine has us all slowing down and enjoying the little things. It’s also brought out…