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Miss your local palengke kakanin? Here’s where you can get them delivered

Miss your local palengke kakanin? Here’s where you can get them delivered

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The quarantine period posed quite a sticky situation for some kakanin lovers as our go-to stores and stalls temporarily closed down. It’s not like we can hoard them or store them for a long time either, as there are some kakanin whose shelf life only lasts three days at most. Moreover, kakanin is best consumed when fresh and hot—and unless you can make one yourself, you probably haven’t had bibingka or puto in a while.

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Fortunately, some businesses have started to sell their kakanin specialties online and can have them delivered right to your doorstep. Here are some of our recommendations—whether you love the classics or are looking for some kakanin with a twist:


This fluffy cake made of glutinous galapong rice is most famous during the holiday season, where almost every street outside churches are lined with stalls of bibingka vendors. A way to customize it is by making interesting toppings for a new taste.

Bibingka in a tub from Kakanin To Go, Atbp.

Order through Facebook message

Delivery via Lalamove

Pay through BPI, GCash or cash on delivery

Get tubs of your favorite bibingka, kutsinta, sapin-sapin, kalamay ube and cassava for only P100 each, or all five of them for a total of P450.

Bibingka from Mang Domeng’s Bibingka

Order through 0906-2016035 or 0908-1685217 (Taguig), 0926-6107177 or 0909-8387466 (Makati and Pasig), 0928-1840273 or 0927-9917276 (Paranaque and Muntinlupa) and 0919-5307903 or 0997-6993099 (Pateros)

Want an even sweeter version of this classic kakanin? Get bibingka topped with caramelized sugar from Mang Domeng’s for P60 to P240, depending on your order’s size.

Bibingka with latik (overload) from Lorwin’s Specialties

Order through Instagram message

Have bibingka with latik for P119 (half) or P219 (whole)—plus P25 if you want more latik—delivered to your home through Lorwin’s Specialties.


Traditionally made from slightly fermented rice dough, this steamed rice cake is often served in bite-sized servings perfect for merienda and snack time. Cheese is often used as its topping, and if you like being creative with your dishes, puto should be your kakanin pick because of its versatility. Making different flavors of puto isn’t new—in fact, ube and pandan puto are some of its most popular variants.

Leche flan puto from Puto Pao King

Order through Instagram or Facebook message

Delivery via Lalamove or pickup at Puto Pao King main office in Quezon avenue

Pay through BDO bank deposit

Dark chocolate, chicken asado with salted egg, ube queso, tuna melt, leche flan and cream cheese are just some of the different flavors of puto from Puto Pao King.

Strawberry puto from Decena’s Puto Calasiao

Order through Instagram DM, text or Viber (0995-9436774)

Pay through BDO or GCash

Plain, ube, strawberry or pandan—go ahead and take your pick from these puto calasiao flavors.


Colorful: that’s how this kakanin is often known as. The festive-looking glutinous rice and coconut dessert often catches the eye, especially of children, with its purple, white, yellow and sometimes even pink layers, which it also got its name from. 

Sapin-sapin with cornless maja from Minatamis PH

Pickup at Astoria Plaza lobby, Escriva Drive, Ortigas, Pasig or La Royale Patisserie, 78 Mabini St. cor E. Rodriguez Sr., Brgy. Doña Aurora, Quezon City

This P280 sapin-sapin tub has rich layers of ube, kutsinta and cornless maja. It is also topped with coconut caramel and comes with toasted desiccated coconut. While they’re not taking orders anymore for this week, watch out for when they announce their new batch again since the limited slots run out fast.


Suman is a sticky rice cake snack wrapped in banana leaves and often served with sugar or latik. Almost every province or area in the country has its own variation of this snack, and among the most famous ones are tupig, suman pinipig, suman sa lihia and suman budbud. 

Suman sa lihia from Dulzeria

Order through Instagram message

Have your suman sa lihia feast at home by ordering a pair for P30 at Dulzeria. Aside from their suman specialty, their menu also includes other kakanin specials such as sapin-sapin, bibingka, maja mais, ube macapuno, bico, cassava, baked maja and bibingka pinipig.

Header photo by JP Talapian for Nolisoli

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