Jul 24, 2020

“What’s making us happy” is our weekly list of things we are drooling over or things we bought by impulse or purposefully as of late—anything to distract us from this gloomy quarantine and maddening real world, all the while helping local brands regain footing amid the economic disruption.


Visual content creator Sam Ong aka our food photography master has recently moved out of her cramped city condo into a sprawling compound up north. 

This is her space barely two months after moving in: filled with tchotchkes and overgrown with plants.

Coffeemaking gadgets and gizmos galore

She’s taken to decorating her new space (with gadgets and gizmos and whozits and whatzits she “mined” from IG shops) and caring for plants that she and her mom co-signed for during many trips to Quezon City Circle.

This week, she shares what else she plans to buy especially with another payday coming up next week.


Barbae glass by Goldie Poblador

“Who doesn’t want a shot glass shaped like a vagina/vulva? There are so many boob-inspired mugs/vases/pots already—it’s time for the vulva to shine. And honestly, I love colored glassware, things like a Maison Balzac carafe that I have been eyeing for months.”


Custom acrylic pieces by Studio Jilbi

“I’m currently going through an anything-transparent phase (hence glassware, acrylics) because I feel like the one thing we need right now is transparency from the government LOL.”


Minimalist rubberwood stools by Elou.ph

“My plants would really look good sitting on top of them 🙈. Kidding aside, I don’t have space for furniture anymore but I would gladly make space for these.”


Soft sculptural lounge chair from Iconic Home

“As a kid, I was jealous of people with those transparent inflatable chairs! I feel like this is the grown-up version of that. I need this to fulfill my ’90s dream room fantasy.”


Isabel Weber’s colorful art

“Supporting local artists is something I really stand by. Recently, I bought a print from my friend Bel via Shelter Fund. But even though the fundraiser is over, you can still purchase prints from her and other artists via DM.”


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