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Is it a shag carpet or a cake? It’s both

Is it a shag carpet or a cake? It’s both

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If there’s one pandemic trend that truly terrified me, it was that cake-disguised-as-another-thing phase of quarantine. My feed was filled with doorknobs, tables, plants and even pets that turned out to be just hyper-realistic desserts. At one point, we had to ask: “What if we’re really cake masquerading as ourselves?” 

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Although these hyper-realistic cakes have mostly disappeared, a baker based in L.A., Alana Jones-Mann, is using her talent to make groovy cakes that resemble shag carpets or geometric rugs (that don’t instill fear in my heart). 




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Throwing it back to one of my forever favorites

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Each cake is hand-piped with frosting and different icing tips to create a realistic texture associated with the iconic ’70s decor. 



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Today’s a good day to have a good day 💛

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If you’re looking to make an edible impression this holiday season, Alana also teaches home bakers how to create aesthetic treats through her blog. Some things you can try to make this Christmas are her snow globe cupcakes, wreath cookies and a cactus Christmas tree



Although these aesthetic cakes aren’t available in the Philippines, we can still appreciate (and maybe even attempt to hack them) from afar.



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