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Out of flour? These dessert recipes don’t need it

Out of flour? These dessert recipes don’t need it

  • Many terrible things happened at the onset of the pandemic. Aside from the obvious, one of them was The Great Flour Shortage of 2020
Flourless chocolate cake from the series Nolisoli Comfort Kitchen

Around this time a year ago, The Great Flour Shortage of 2020 occurred. For a few weeks, grocery store shelves were missing this kitchen staple—which was terrible news for people trying to get through quarantine by baking. 

It’s been over a year since lockdown started, and the majority of the supply chain is back to almost normal. If it ever happens again though, here are some flour-free recipes to keep you company. 

Chocolate cake

Nothing screams comfort like a slice of decadent chocolate cake, and this might just be one of the easiest ways to make it. Model and designer Marita Ganse’s chocolate cake recipe is special. Aside from being flourless, it only requires five ingredients—with the fifth ingredient being completely optional. You can get the full recipe here.

Peanut butter cookies

Another all-time favorite comfort food is cookies. This specific peanut butter cookie recipe is unique because aside from flour, it doesn’t need any butter either. All it requires is pantry staples like sugar, egg, vanilla extract, salt, baking soda and some peanut butter. The recipe yields chewy, moist cookies that’ll have you piling your plate. 

Banana bread

Ah yes, the banana bread. At the onset of quarantine, baking banana bread was one of the quarantine food trends that helped us make it through the roughest part of the pandemic. This banana bread recipe only needs five ingredients (bananas, eggs, oatmeal, maple syrup and baking soda), and comes together in the blender. It’s perfect when you need a freshly baked loaf fast. 


Everyone loves a good brownie, and this recipe is a good brownie. For people who are allergic to gluten but still want to enjoy homemade treats, this brownie recipe is for you. This recipe yields rich, fudgy brownies with the cracked tops, so the smaller you slice them the better. If one slice doesn’t do it for you, you can always go back for seconds. 

Chocolate soufflé

Any type of soufflé is one of the highest summits a home baker can achieve. This version of the iconic, towering French dessert isn’t just flour-free—it’s keto friendly too. Most of the ingredients listed for this recipe are probably already in your pantry, but you’ll need to make a trip to the health store for a sugar substitute if you’re pursuing a keto diet. © 2020. Hinge Inquirer Publications, Inc.