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Christmas gift ideas for (almost) every type of friend

Christmas gift ideas for (almost) every type of friend

Christmas Gifts for almost every type of friend header nolisoliph

I’m obsessed with finding perfect gifts for my friends. Be it their birthdays, anniversaries, weddings or the christening of their kids, I always make sure to put extra thought and love into whatever I’m getting them. Due to the nature of the holiday, Christmas is my favorite gift-giving occasion. 

If you’re doing some early Christmas shopping or just browsing for some ideas, here are a few gift suggestions I’ve collected over the past year for (almost) every type of friend:


For the purveyor of fine things


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Only the best and most unique things will make friends like these raise their brows in appreciation. Vagabond Vintage is a local jewelry store that auctions off antique pieces plated in 18K gold by its in-house plateros. The shop also has designer nights with brands from classic fashion houses like Givenchy and Chanel if you’re really going for some wow factor. 


For the eco newbie

Becoming more environmentally conscious is a noble thing, and your eco-newbie friend would appreciate that you’ve taken notice. Simula is an eco-friendly local brand that sells more sustainable alternatives to everyday items. If you’re looking for something more specific, you can always replenish your friend’s daily essentials as a gift. I mean, who wouldn’t want a stock of eco-friendly toiletries for Christmas?

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For the home cook

In professional kitchens all over the world, organization is key. Home cooking? That could be a different story. Preparing and organizing ingredients can be a pain, but these clear organizers will make your friend’s foray in the kitchen a bit less chaotic. Being associated with good home-cooked meals isn’t so bad either. 


For the coffee addict

Coffee drinkers can never have too many mugs—it’s a fact. If you’re looking for something unique for your caffeine fiend of a friend, Ren Marble’s marble coffee cups just might do the trick. They’re sophisticated, unique and best of all, locally crafted. 


For the neophyte baker

The sourdough days of early quarantine have come and gone, but baking is here to stay. Your resident baking enthusiast probably has a fully stocked pantry of ingredients, but this rolling cart means extra space to store them. The cart also comes in white, black and pink (which might add the right amount of color to your friend’s kitchen). 


For the homemaker


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You can never go wrong with classics! Small tray and coasters set in white and gold.✨

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A beautiful home is what makes this friend happiest. These geode-inspired trays and coasters from Geode Resin Arts in a variety of colors could up that joy to bliss. 

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For the stationery lover

This friend is known for the cute, personalized gift tags lovingly placed on every present. If you want to out-gift the gifter (or just make this friend happy), these personalized stationery cards are your best bet. Possible thought bubble of stationery lover friend: “Why didn’t I think of that?”


For the fitness enthusiast

Gyms may be open, but that doesn’t mean exercising out of one’s home is any safer than it was a few months back. If your fitness junkie friend is still working out at home, these resistance bands might just provide some challenge. Who knows? Maybe you’d get some free online training sessions as a thank you. 


For the beauty junkie

If your friend is a true beauty junkie, chances are they’ve already tried everything that’s out there. So why not give them something from Glamourbox, which offers gift boxes filled with different cosmetics that they might not have tried yet. Might.


For the bookworm 


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How do you view our world? #inclusivity #diversity

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If reading is your friend’s idea of a good time, a book always seems like a good idea, especially one he or she has been eyeing for some time. Biblio is a local bookstore that specializes in curating secondhand books while still having newer selections on their shelves. You can order through their online shop and have your present delivered to your friend’s door. 


For the art enthusiast

If you’re not into art, getting this friend the right gift can be a challenge. Although it’s always the thought that counts, you can still impress this art enthusiast with a framed print from this year’s Print Jam 2020. Every print you buy helps a local creative make it through the pandemic, which means that more than one person benefits from your present.

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For the sweet tooth


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OUR BABYCAKES ARE READY FOR THE WORLD! 😍 Gooey Ganache Magic at the palm of your hand. The Made-For-Me variant still boasts the insanely luxurious and decadent flavors of the original Tableya Cake. But this time, we made it more personal. A serving size you can have all for yourself. We know the day’s work can trigger a lot of stress and you just need the perfect, sweet fix to soothe your tension. Imagine the teasing aroma of fine cacao after uncovering your tub, with the delicate tableya shavings lightly resting on insanely rich Tableya Goo. Every spoonful that digs through each layer from top to bottom of your tub is a joyride to chocolate heaven and back. Let’s admit it: sometimes a slice isn’t enough, and a whole, regular cake is just way overboard. So we made you a suitable-sized treat without the splurge, so you can indulge without guilt, and smile your stressors away with each serving. Welcome this big surprise crafted lovingly in a pack you can shamelessly declare: MADE-FOR-ME. Order Yours Now. LINK IN BIO! #theoandbromph #babytableyacakes #gooeyganachemagic

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A sugar rush is this friend’s version of an adrenaline rush. Theo & Brom combines Belgian expertise and the Philippines’ traditional chocolate for a treat that’ll surely make your friend’s heart race. Check out the ooey-gooey tablea cakes filled with rich tablea ganache and topped with tablea shavings. The treat comes in individual packs, but your friend will thank you for the full-sized version. 

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For the life of the party

Before the pandemic, this friend’s most frequently-asked question was probably “Drinks?”  For this party animal, Winery Philippines’ e-numan boxes should be a good (virtual) start. Aside from drinks, these boxes also come with snacks and other pica-pica to keep the party going ’till the early hours of dawn.


For the wildcard

Sometimes, there are just some friends you can’t really read. My rule of thumb for gifting these wildcards isn’t very exciting, but still effective. If you’re playing it safe—or you genuinely have no idea what to get—a department store gift card is your best bet. It’s not the most personalized gift, but at least your friend can spend it on whatever their heart desires. 


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