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These leaf pillows don’t dry out—don’t need water or sun, too

These leaf pillows don’t dry out—don’t need water or sun, too

  • Kingdom Plantae’s leaf pillows are the perfect accent pieces for your home—if it isn’t already teeming with plants
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This pandemic had us rethinking our spaces, adopting more plants and taking on home renovations, huh? While they are not exactly light on the budget, there is no price tag to the calming, destressing effects that they bring.

For those who started collecting plants at the onset of the quarantine, chances are you already have an enviable garden, indoor or outdoor. Heck, you may even be clamoring for more space to adopt new plants.

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But here’s another idea to amp up the “greenery” in your space. They are just as nice to look at, and if anything, requires less care and water to maintain: plant pillows.

Kingdom Plantae makes these leaf-shaped pillows designed after popular plant genera such as monstera, philodendron and alocasia. Made with soft felt velvet material, they make for an apt addition to your patio full of potted plants. 

These handmade pillows are embroidered too to mimic the veins of each leaf. Some even come in two colors, an ode to rare albino species. The all-women team at Kingdom Plantae painstakingly hand-embroiders each design to look like the real thing. 

Launched October last year, the pillows are priced from P300 for small ones like the Philodendron gloriosum to P2,000+ for large designs like the three-foot long Philodendron spiritus sancti.

“Our velvet pillows were inspired by the delicate and amazing leaves of anthuriums, gloriosums and alocasia green velvets,” said Kingdom Plantae’s team. “Each throw pillow is made with high-quality deep-green velvet fabric and stuffed with quality polyester pillow filling. The base pillow was created by machine while the embroidery was delicately sewn by hand and was worth hours of labors of love.”

As of writing, Kingdom Plantae has over 20 designs. Some come in colors other than green, like the pink and green-colored Philodendron pink princess (which comes in half moon and broken variegation designs) and the brown and green Philodendron verrucosum.

They also take custom orders for plant species not in their current lineup. Some of their recent works include gigantic Philodendron verrucosum  and Monstera deliciosa as well as a juvenile Philodendron squamiferum.

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