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Will you need a ‘vaccine passport’ to go out? This bill makes that a possibility

The “vaccine passport” under this bill isn’t just limited to COVID-19, and can be used for emerging infectious diseases in the future

In an attempt to defend Sinovac choice, Duterte cites deaths of elderly persons in Norway

Take note: The deaths in Norway happened in a nursing home with frail individuals

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Roque says Sinovac vaccines were priced at a “BFF” rate, but quotes no actual figure

Reports that the China-made vaccine is the most expensive option are just another scheme by the opposition, claims the presidential spox

AstraZeneca is the top pick among LGUs. Here’s what they might have considered

When it comes to choosing vaccines, LGUs have to consider these factors

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With no FDA approval, Malacañang signs deal with Sinovac vaccine for 25 million doses

Why did the government sign a deal for a vaccine with a less than 60 percent efficacy rate and no emergency use authorization, Sen. Ping Lacson has asked

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Here’s what we know about the new COVID-19 strains so far

Experts are keeping an eye on the new variants first detected in the United Kingdom and South Africa

Before PSG, 100k Chinese POGO workers got same COVID-19 vaccine as early as Nov 2019

Is this good or bad news? If you ask Chinese-Filipino civic leader Teresita Ang See, it’s OK, “because we do not have much control (over) them”

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These LGUs are rolling out their COVID-19 vaccine plans

With the COVID-19 vaccine in sight, some LGUs are starting to begin procurement and pre-registration procedures for their cities

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Some people in government have gotten their COVID-19 shots, even when the FDA has yet to approve the vaccine

According to Harry Roque, it’s not okay to sell the vaccine, but it’s *completely* fine to receive it. Awesome! Wow!