3 Intramuros cafes for your mid-tour breaks

There’s much to do in the Walled City, so if you’re in need of a recharge in the form of food and drink, here are cafes you can check out

Dust off your ternos and top hats for this costumed tour around Intramuros

Instead of walking around, this tour will take you through the Walled City via tranvia—much like our fashionable ancestors before us

What to do in Intramuros: Ride a bike or go museum hopping—drinking optional

Other than history, Intramuros has plenty to offer: traditional Filipino arts, alternative mobility, and even a shot from the oldest distillery in the country

Are there ghosts in Intramuros? Find out for yourself at this night walking tour

Intramuros After Dark: Night Walking Tours is back! See the walled city in a new light—or in darkness—while taking a stroll around its structures

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Local heritage tourism is back in full swing with these Manila walking tours

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You can open up your dream cafe or small business in Intramuros

If you’ve always dreamed of opening your own business, you’ll want to consider setting up shop in one of the oldest districts in the country

Intramuros is open to visitors again. Here’s everything to keep in mind

If you’re planning to visit, make sure you’ve registered on the StaySafe PH app beforehand

Everything’s online now–even Manila. Go on a virtual tour through ikotMNL

Remember when we could freely walk around the streets of Manila? The old and historical…

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