sugar-free bakery
A one-click, sugar-free fix to your holiday dessert cravings
With the rise of food delivery apps came the deluge of healthy food options.
Eating low-carb doesn’t have to be expensive
Most of us think that eating healthier would cost us so much more.
nolisoli recipe low carb mushroom cauliflower pizza
We made cauliflower pizza and it tasted as good as the real thing
This recipe was originally published in Northern Living, September 2017.
Fluffy bread with no carbs? It’s possible

Bread has grown to be a substantial part of people’s lives, even for the rice-loving Pinoy.

nolisoli eats zucchini vegetable
The whys and hows of adding zucchini to your diet
Zucchini belongs to the cucurbit family, the same family of cucumber, squash, gourds, and melons.
These low-carb zucchini fritters are the answer to your prayers

This has pretty much become a staple in my pantry.