Reservations, 24-hour dishes, and what else is new at Manam at the Triangle

Manam has opened a new branch at the Triangle, and we’re enjoying all of our old favorites, as well as some very intriguing new ones

sinigang versions
These sinigang versions are next on our must-cook list

These unconventional sinigang versions are here when you want to try something new

Love sinigang? Try marinated sinigang eggs over tutong na kanin

These sinigang eggs are sour, tart, jammy, rich, and packed with flavor. They’re also an *extremely* low effort snack

Manam gives classic sisig and sinigang a crispy twist in new menu offering

Sisig and sinigang are both staples in Filipino cuisine, and are often considered as comfort…

NYC’s first plant-based Filipino eatery serves sisig ‘waygu.’ It’s not what you’d expect

Think of Filipino food, and it’s nearly impossible to imagine it without meat. That’s because…

rainy day soup
Our soup recipes for rainy days (or if you’re just feeling sabaw)

Nothing like a bowl of steaming hot soup to match the cool weather and the…

Craving comfort food? Here are some dishes you can get delivered for rainy days

Cooking can be a wonderful and exciting journey, but sometimes, we all just need a…

Halaman na ulam? Your prized houseplant can be an ingredient for your next meal

There are many benefits to keeping houseplants—the most obvious one being that they liven up…

Carinderia-style Filipino restaurant in Seattle wins James Beard award
Carinderia-style Filipino restaurant in Seattle wins James Beard award

A Filipino restaurant in Seattle, USA wins a prestigious James Beard Foundation “America’s Classics Award.”…

sinigang recipe sinigang samplaok rattan alibangbang katmon manok baboy salmon
3 sinigang recipes using native alibangbang, rattan, and katmon

Where I grew up we had three tamarind trees within the vicinity, which meant making…