Mar 7, 2018

Students have gained a bad reputation for overstaying in coffee shops, garnering the label “entitled, over-caffeinated brats.” This is a result of many factors, one being coffee shops usually have longer operating hours than libraries, which is a perfect venue for studying or getting work done.

But in Cebu City, this won’t be the case for students anymore.

In response to a request by a student, Cebu City Mayor Tommy Osmeña announced on his Facebook page that the Rizal Public Library in the city will soon be open 24/7.

“Mayor, I’m also hoping and praying that you will consider having the public library be open for 24/7 for us students who really need to study in a library setting,” wrote Mitch Roldan in a comment. A few minutes after posting her comment, Osmeña replied, “Ok! Give me a week.”

After a couple of days, the mayor announced on the social media site that the only public library in Cebu City is being “outfitted for 24-hour use.” Starting on Friday, though, the library will be open until midnight. Baby steps.

“The air conditioners are being upgraded, additional staff and guards are being hired, CCTV installed, and WiFi routers are on their way,” wrote the mayor.

We just hope this will be regulated carefully by the authorities so it can be a model for other cities especially in the metro and won’t just be a short-lived fad.


Featured image courtesy of Tommy Osmeña’s Facebook

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