May 15, 2020

UPDATE: As of May 20, Aesop Greenbelt is now open. Their online order and delivery service will continue until Jul 15.

After a much-hyped opening at Greenbelt 5 in February, everything seemed to be in the right place for Australian luxury brand Aesop. And then COVID-19 happened and suddenly all retail shops were closed.

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But it would be premature to discount this retail giant. After all, Aesop is one of the many concepts by entrepreneur Mike Concepcion under Welcome Worldwide Inc., and by the looks of it, Concepcion and his team are taking this situation in stride.

Aesop Manila’s interiors were inspired by the space’s previous life as an extension of the Ayala Museum designed by the National Artist Leandro Locsin, who also worked on the Cultural Center of the Philippines in Pasay, hence the nod to Brutalism and the liberal use of concrete.

Over the last few weeks, their hospitality arm The Standard Group has reopened its restaurants Yabu and Ippudo for delivery and takeout. On the retail front, Aesop will be taking after this model, too.

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It’s the perfect opportunity after all, since their line of personal hygiene and skincare products are only accessible to the traveling elite and was only recently made available locally through their store. Simply put, people in isolation are running out of essentials—that or they’re cautiously skimping on their remaining bottles of Aesop.

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Last February, we opened the first @aesopskincare store in the country. Designed in collaboration with, Aesop Greenbelt pays homage to the site’s architectural history as the Ayala Museum, which was designed by Leandro Locsin in the 1960s. Locsin’s floating forms are referenced in the levitating volumes that emerge from the centre’s homogenous façade—a series of voids and alcoves open up around them. In the spirit of Brutalism’s honesty of expression, the approach for this store was to reveal the distinction between framework and insertion. – When Aesop reopens, we look forward to welcoming you anew. Until then, we are pleased to announce that we will be accepting orders for shipping and curbside pickups in the coming days. Please watch this space for more information.

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This week, Welcome Worldwide Inc., just announced that while Aesop’s Greenbelt 5 store will remain closed because of the enhanced community quarantine, they will be launching an online order and delivery service starting today, May 15, to accommodate orders.

With their new delivery service, customers can order by emailing [email protected]. Once your order is confirmed, you will receive a Google Form link where you choose your mode of shipping. You can either opt for standard delivery arranged by Aesop or for same-day delivery, book a courier yourself and have it picked up via curbside courier. 

Of course, for customers with the option to pick it up themselves, they can drive by the store at the dropoff curb of Greenbelt 5 along Legazpi St.

To ensure the health and safety of customers and their retail team, payment will be contactless, transacted online via an invoice link sent upon order confirmation.

For product availability and prices, you may request a catalog through email.


Photos courtesy of Aesop Manila/Welcome Worldwide Inc.

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