Sep 13, 2020

Since going out isn’t an option these days, a lot of people have resorted to throwing online parties. Since the early quarantine days of the e-numan, virtual gatherings have become a part of our stay-at-home routine. Although it’s always nice to just hang out with friends and spend time together, here are some ways to switch it up a bit on the Zoom call: 


Find the right platform

The video conferencing app Zoom shot up in popularity as the platform of choice when it came to online meetings, but it may not be for everyone. If you’re on the free version, there’s a 40 minute limit for meetings with more than two people present. 

Other platforms you might want to consider are Messenger, Discord and the ever reliable Google Meet. 


Pick a theme

If you want to bring out the competitive side in your friends (with a few laughs to boot), you should consider organizing or joining a quiz night for one of your get-togethers. The topics could range from general knowledge, quarantine trends or trivia about everyone in the group!

Another fun theme idea could be making a quarantine update in slideshow format to present to your friends. A lot of people have developed new habits or hobbies since our time indoors, so this could also be a great way to catch up on how everyone has changed or what everyone has been doing. 

Game nights are also another go-to activity when it comes to online parties. There are free online games that you and your friends can play together, like Skribbl, Draw My Thing and a lot more. Who knows, there might be a secret Van Gogh in your group of friends. 


Dress up (or down)

If there’s one thing the pandemic hasn’t stopped (or even sped up), it’s online shopping. Dressing up for your next virtual party gives you the opportunity to actually show off your online haul without making you feel like you’ve wasted an outfit. 

If you can’t manage to convince your friends to dress up, you can always dress down to your favorite pajamas that you bought online. Honestly, the possibilities are endless. 


Set the mood (music)

Creating a party playlist may not be a novel idea, but it still does the job of setting the mood (even if it’s just virtually). You can assign a DJ to pick out some songs for the perfect playlist based on your theme, or everyone can pitch in a few songs that remind you of better times. It’s the dealer’s choice!


Order in

Something we all miss from the days before COVID-19 is dining out with friends. Though many establishments have reopened their doors to diners, staying home is still the best way to keep everyone safe. 

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Header image by Chris Montgomery on Unsplash

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