youtube open on a laptop
You may be watching false COVID info on YouTube. 1 million videos have been taken down and there’s more

Do you go to YouTube for news? Careful, the video streaming platform just removed over a million “dangerous” COVID-19 videos

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Here’s how tracking your steps can help raise funds for Filipino wildlife rangers

The Run, Walk, Crawl for Rangers challenge not only gives competitors a chance to win prizes, it will also raise funds for five wildlife ranger teams around the world

inquirer duterte anti-terror bill
Error: SALN access not found. Duterte’s wealth since 2018 is still a secret to the public

Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism discloses the SALN of presidents from 1989 to 2017—the last year that President Duterte’s SALN was publicly accessible

The rejected tomatoes issue is rooted in our country’s lack of local support

It’s easy to say that they could’ve done a lot with the tomatoes, but this is why they couldn’t