An unsolicited opinion on food opinions

We have to become mindful of how we talk about food. Eating shouldn’t make people feel guilty!

I don’t miss the office—I miss the people in it

Look, Washingtonian Media CEO Cathy Merrill, if “office culture” is all you got against employees refusing to go back to the office, think again

Spotlight seeking attention header image unsplash nolisoliph
What is so bad about seeking attention?

Seeking attention is a completely normal part of the human experience. So why do we demonize it so much?

The politicization and radicalization of caring header nolisoliph
OPINION: The politicization and radicalization of caring

If you care about something, that’s great. If you care about something to the point that you’re willing to fight for it, it gets dangerous

cookbook with recipes
The case for ditching the recipe

The numbered procedures add up to the stress of cooking in quarantine. I say ignore it

Torre de Manila looms over the Rizal Monument. Photo by Marianne Bermudez of Inquirer
Bye, heritage site “photobombers.” Cultural Property Sightline Act nears final House approval

The bill aims to ban structures that block the view of national cultural landmarks

Why does Koko Pimentel’s quarantine violation case get junked while others get shot for less?

According to the DOJ, the case filed against the senator was “fatally defective” because it was based on “hearsay and news reports”

OPINION: The PNP says there won’t be reforms. It’s true—it needs a complete overhaul

Our moment of reckoning is over. It’s time for action

Reminder: Food delivery people are humans who shouldn’t be manipulated for pranks

On Dec. 15, Rome Vladimir Cuevas was surprised by a deluge of food delivery riders…