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Plastic waste can break down in days thanks to these newly engineered enzymes

Enzymes that break down plastic swiftly are not new, but they often require high temperatures. This new one can do it across a range of temperature and pH conditions, making it usable in many settings

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Online shoppers care about shopping-induced waste, so it’s time e-commerce platforms do, too

Greenpeace Philippines, Youth Strike 4 Climate Philippines, and JuanBag are leading a petition for major e-commerce platforms to “reveal, reduce, and redesign” their waste systems

Ban on disposables, single-use plastic resumes in QC today

Bring your own bags and utensils, everyone

Help the environment, one tree at a time

Trees serve as nature’s most important provider, and we are slowly losing them. The threat…

#DropTheDrop: Why we don’t need a “record-breaking” balloon drop

Cove Manila seemed to have shot itself in the foot. The largest indoor beach and…

This bag protects your belongings from theft and our oceans from plastic waste

Far too many times, the news has been filled with stories of sea creatures getting…

Malapascua in Cebu is the next victim of our waste mismanagement problem

One of the biggest challenges in creating a wide-scale shift away from single-use plastics in…

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Put an end to the waves of trash at Manila Bay by volunteering for this cleanup

Metro Manila once again fell victim to harsh rains and devastating floods last week with…

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Has Starbucks found the best alternative to plastic straws?

Not too long ago, the main environmental concern revolved around global warming, partly thanks to…

plastic straw
Bill to ban plastic straws and stirrers proposed in Senate

Finally the move to stop the use of single-use plastic is reaching the national level.…