Mar 16, 2018

You know what’s underappreciated? The genius of bath mats. They prevent you from slipping to an embarrassing death on your bathroom floor. They dry your feet so you don’t leave water footprints all over your hallway or bedroom floors. And, they add character and aesthetic to the simplest of bathrooms.

If you don’t have a bath mat yet, we suggest you get one asap. Here are some recommendations.

Mossy Mat

Moss Carpet available on for P5,195

If you’re a plant-lover, this natural bath mat is a definite must-have. The moss carpet uses real living moss that feels great on your feet and sustains itself through the drops of water that fall on it. You can purchase one online or make one yourself.


Wood-y Allen

Teak Mat from Crate and Barrel, sold for P4,675

You’d question their efficacy, but wooden bath mats are actually quite popular these days. They complement whatever interior design you have or don’t have. They’re also easier to maintain, no need to wash them or clean them at all.


Pop of color

Badaren Bath Mat from IKEA, sold for P320

Sometimes all you need is a pop of color to brighten your bathroom. Maybe get a bathmat in red and make it your own red carpet during your shower daydreams.


Patsy Pattern

Patterned Bath Mat from H&M Home, sold for P935

Get a patterned bath mat and make it the centerpiece of your bathroom.


Shaggy Do

Recycled Jersey Bath Mat from West, sold for P1,820

If you just want that good ol’ fluffy feeling while drying off your feet after a shower, this classic shaggy bath mat is the way to go. Bonus: This particular design is made from recycled material. So you can try your hand at making one on your own. Just grab spare fabric and sow it on a soft carpet-like base, and voila!


Neutral Ground

Ultra Spa White Bath Rugs from Crate and Barrel, sold for P3,635

If you’re rocking the minimalist life, you can go for simple but quality bath mats in neutral colors. Just like a spa.


Textured and Woven

Multi Pixel Woven Rug from West Elm, sold for P54,465

The textures on these woven bath mats help dry your feet better and add an interesting accent to your bathroom floor. More artistry is often involved with weaves, so these suckers can cost quite a fortune. Just think of it as a hidden treasure. The last thing a thief would expect as the most expensive piece in your bathroom.

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