Sep 14, 2018

A supertyphoon is expected to hit the northern Philippines this weekend, which puts at risk some 10 million Filipinos living in its path. Considered as the most powerful typhoon this year, Typhoon Ompong (International name: Mangkhut) has already triggered local governments to initiate mass evacuations. Emergency workers have alarmed disaster-prone areas about the dangerous velocity of the coming heavy rains and strong winds that could bring floods and landslides.

Everyone should stay vigilant. It’s best to keep ourselves and our loved ones prepared for emergency situations like blackouts, evacuations, or getting stranded. To guide you in preparing for the coming storm, here are some basic disaster survival tips that we should always be mindful of:

Be updated

Make sure that you’re informed on the current weather status and forecast from the experts. Read, watch, or listen to the news and keep your phone notifications on.  Keep posted on the announcements from your local government units regarding evacuations or rescue operations.

Stay connected with your loved ones

While you keep yourself updated with the news, make sure that you’re also aware of the whereabouts and status of your loved-ones, especially those living in disaster-prone areas.

Charge your mobile phones, power banks, and flash lights

Just charge everything you think you’ll be needing. If you have one of those battery-operated fans and emergency lights, prepare those, too. You don’t know when they will be useful, but it’s important that they’re just there, ready to be used. Plus, how else will you be able to keep track of the news and your loved ones?

Ready your emergency kits

We have already listed before some things that should be a part of our emergency kits (Read: What should be in your flood survival kit). This include water, food, medicine, and even whistles. Make sure that you also have these ready in your carry-on bag.

Jot down emergency hotlines

In case you still haven’t got a hold of the hotlines, we listed it down for you:

Save it on your phone, print it out, share it. You’ll never know when it’ll come in handy.


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