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Your next shopping spree could help out these jeepney drivers, too

Your next shopping spree could help out these jeepney drivers, too


This quarantine, we’ve had our fair share of shopping sprees. Christian, our associate editor, is mastering the art of “mining” vintage tableware and furniture; I’ve been ordering the latest food trends from online small bakeries, and our video editor Sam just shared with us all the things that are making her quarantine happier—all this done while still helping out small businesses. Yes, we’ve spent some cash, but it’s comforting and encouraging to know that it’s in the name of supporting other people with their passions and livelihoods.

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But we’ve found out that it’s not only through small Instagram businesses that we could spend our money on while still helping others. Even the big boys are coming to help—and it’s thanks to ZRewards by Zeal. Now, Zeal and I both agree with one thing: that jeepney drivers are one of the most negatively affected sectors of our society, despite being one of the most essential pre-quarantine. Luckily enough, Zeal is using their market to help out our manongs and kuyas who have lost their standard income this pandemic.

And who would have thought going on a shopping spree can help them out? It’s a win-win situation that we’re more than willing to participate in. With ZRewards by Zeal, you can get free access to deals from popular shops like Zalora, The Naturale Market and Beauty Scout as well as some well-acclaimed restaurants such as Bistro Group and Bistronomia who are behind chef Josh Boutwood’s Helm and Savage and Spanish concepts Las Flores, Rambla, Tomatito and BCN by Las Flores, respectively. Don’t worry, if you’re on a budget, just order from more casual restaurants like Zark’s Burgers, Shakey’s or Goldilocks.

Now, guess who’ll be delivering your packages to your homes? Jeepney drivers! Under Lalamove, jeepney drivers who lost their livelihoods were hired to carry out on-demand delivery services in what they’re now calling Lalajeeps. 

So how can our shopping sprees help them out? Well, once the ZRewards website reaches 100,000 registered members by Aug. 15, Zeal will offer the jeepney drivers and their families care packages prepared by Minimart. And of course, the occasional generous tip from their customers is a big help, too.

If you’re already interested, show your support for jeepney drivers by signing up to ZRewards at and here’s an insider scoop: use the referral code HELPJEEP to avail of the discounts and deals. Scroll through all the merchants and soon enough, you’ll be shopping for a cause.



Header photo courtesy of Globe ZRewards

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