carolina reaper pepper fruit in a tree
World’s hottest pepper Carolina Reaper grows in Cotabato. Bloggers can get half a kilo for free

A local farm employing T’Boli farmers grows Carolina Reaper, the undisputed king of peppers. Want to try it?

golden rice on the palm of a person in the field
Why are farmers against Golden Rice, the purported silver bullet to end malnutrition?

Two decades since it became a breakthrough grain, Golden Rice is back in the limelight as the Philippines becomes the first country to approve it for commercial planting. Farmers, however, are still pushing against it. Why?

Seedless avocado exists and it’s here in the Philippines

The fruit is elongated like cucumber, sweet like honey, viscous, and, of course, seedless. It is a product of a farmer’s decades of attempts to make a seedless avocado

Buy vegetables in bulk for community pantries and help farmers up north

For P500-P700, you can get 10-20 kg of cabbage, sayote, tomatoes, and more through Rural Rising Philippines’s Community Pantry Highland Edition

Help farmers and save up on tomatoes by buying in bulk (P200/10kg) this weekend

RiceUp Farmers Inc. is helping Pampanga farmers save tons of tomatoes. They are delivering to Quezon City, Ortigas and Makati this Mar. 26

cagayan cabbage farmers
Cagayan farmers need help moving tons of cabbage. You can bulk buy at P25/kg through this initiative

Cagayan farmers are willing to sell cabbages way below market price instead of taking middlemen’s meager offer of P5/kg, or worst, throwing them away. Online group Rural Rising is taking it upon itself to stop that from happening

An important quarantine lesson: How to minimize food waste

Here’s a sad side effect of quarantine: A lot more waste has been produced due…

9 online markets where you can get produce straight from the farmers

Since the lockdown began, more and more people have been making efforts to help local…

A weekend market that helps local agri workers affected by the pandemic? We live for it

Agriculture is one of the most affected sectors by the COVID-19 pandemic here in the…

5-min toast to save you precious WFH time and tomatoes from being wasted

I have a confession to make: I have been making Rezel Kealoha’s tomato tartine non-stop…