Donate? Discard? What do you do with your old underwear

In essence, a pile of old underwear is a pile of fabric. That means you can let your creativity run free with clothing related projects

employee of marikina cemo empties a bottle of used oil into a barrel for collection
LOOK: In Marikina, used cooking oil is collected and recycled to make blocks

The local government has been collecting used oil from households since 2008 instead of letting it clog waterways that can lead to flooding

a clump of plastic bottles
Plastic waste can break down in days thanks to these newly engineered enzymes

Enzymes that break down plastic swiftly are not new, but they often require high temperatures. This new one can do it across a range of temperature and pH conditions, making it usable in many settings

This app picks up your recyclables while teaching you basic waste management

No need to go out just to drop off plastics, paper, cardboard, aluminum cans, tin cans and other recyclables at the nearest facility, Trash Panda will do that for you

Sustainable lifestyle store helps you reuse household plastic containers

Cleaning items are musts in every household and as such, bottles of liquid detergents keep…

Where do all these plastic really go after you discard them?

Plastic is everywhere. And we’re not just talking about the massive piles of trash or…

LOOK: The medals and trophies for UAAP Season 82 are handcrafted from recycled materials

“In solidarity with our brothers and sisters from Marawi, and in thanks to the soldiers and many others who sacrificed to keep us free”

Canada to ban single-use plastic bags, straws, and water bottles by 2021

Since China has stopped taking in waste for recycling from the US, UK, and other’s…

macbook air
Apple unveils the “greenest” MacBook yet

After releasing new iPhone models earlier this year, the tech company on Tuesday unveiled three…

nolisoli supermarket grocery sustainability packaging waste eco friendly environmental impact produce recycling compost
How can supermarkets practice sustainability?

When it comes to sustainable business practices, supermarkets, groceries, and other establishments that deal with…