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No plastics, says this eco-friendly delivery service

No plastics, says this eco-friendly delivery service

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I love shopping and selling stuff online. The online thrift market is a great place to be in, where all the people who are snubbing fast fashion can easily trade clothes. However, the downside of this is that come delivery-time, I have to contend with the fact that my packages will have to be wrapped in so much plastic to appease my chosen delivery service.

That is, until now.


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Ship thru us using your own packaging – even recycled plastic pouches! (Just turn it inside out.)

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Blitz Delivery is a new delivery service—they just started their operations late last year. And, unlike other similar outfits, they have an outspoken commitment to eliminate single-use plastics. To this end, they’re implementing a unique packaging system.

Senders will have to use their own packaging, which means they can wrap their packages in pretty untraditional packing materials, like cotton pouches. If they have plastic packaging they want to recycle, they can do so, just as long as they “turn it inside out.”


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This is how the better goods get shipped. We have partnered with @blitzdeliveryph to deliver your stuff all over Mainland Luzon, single-use plastic free! Inside the yellow pouches are your items—wrapped or unwrapped based on fragility. Once the courier reaches your area, the delivery person will remove your items from the pouches and return them to our HQ to be used for the next batches of orders! While we can’t do the same for regional deliveries, we’re doing our best to find a solution. 🌏 Let us know about your experience! Slide into our DMs or shoot us a message a #thebettergoods #loopstore #sustainability #sustainableliving #ecofriendly #zerowaste #zerowasteph #reusable #greenlifestyle #greenliving #environmentallyconscious #lowimpact #plasticfreedelivery

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They’ve also partnered with sustainable store Loop. to deliver items in Luzon. (Read: New sustainable store Loop. opens in Quezon City) Their packages will be placed inside yellow pouches, and once customers receive their items, Blitz will return the pouches to Loop. for further use. Pretty nifty.

For fragile materials, Blitz advises customers to use at least 3 c.m. of packing material like shredded paper. They also have a tracker on their site if you want to be able to track your packages.

For more information on Blitz, you can check out their Instagram page or their website.

This is a pretty unique system, and I’m honestly excited to see how it works out. Here’s to hoping all other delivery services implement non-plastic systems, too!


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