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Supersized macarons are the star of your next fancy affair (or afternoon snack)

Supersized macarons are the star of your next fancy affair (or afternoon snack)

  • Macarons are commonly associated with tea time, but these thick version of the classic pastry will encourage you to order a box—occasion be damned

If you’re a fan of macarons, hold on to your hats. The classic pastry has long been associated with the rich and fabulous, but quarantine home bakers and local brands have brought them to the masses—yes, that’s us. From royal Parisian courts (by way of Sofia Coppola’s “Marie Antoinette”) and English tea towers to the chiller areas of our refrigerators, macarons have become a beloved snack for whoever might be craving a cookie or five. 

These macarons though, are not your ordinary fancy snacks. Instead of an ample amount of filling sandwiched between a decently sized pair of almond meringue cookies, these are some big, thick boys. With potentially double the filling (and likely double the joy), these “thiccarons” (as I like to call them), are your next snacking obsession. 

Whether it’s for a fancy party or just a little treat yourself moment while you’re between meetings, you should definitely indulge yourself with a box of these supersized macarons. 

Butter Bakery

Butter Bakery’s macarons look like they were plucked from a Studio Ghibli film and brought to life. Each cookie is built like the stuff of dreams, with a generous piping of buttercream filling and other delectable accoutrements. They stock unique flavors like strawberry milk, brown sugar latte, uji matcha with red bean and a whole lot more. 

You’ll need fast fingers and patience to get a box of these bakes, though. Every box is made to order through their order form and take a couple of days to get to you. Well, good things come to those who wait. 


Prior to the democratization of the macaron, Bizu was one of the only places you could get these cookies. Bizu has become a household name associated with delicate French pastries and glamorous cakes, and the restaurant has also hopped on the thiccaron trend.

Bizu sells their thick French-style macarons in half dozen (P1,535), dozen (P2,685) and double dozen boxes (P5,185). You can choose from a roster of six flavors, which are durian and salted caramel, Malagos chocolate and hazelnut praline, peanut butter and guava, s’mores and chocolate chip cookie, strawberries and cream (a classic!) and ube and chiboust. 

If you ever find yourself craving a box, just hop on over to their website to taste them for yourself. 

Blooming Angel Bakery and Cafe

For our friends in the north (in the Pampanga area, specifically), it would be a challenge like no other to get a box of thiccarons delivered to you completely intact. Luckily, a bakery in Pampanga has also taken up baking fat macarons. These “tabacarons” (as the wonderful people behind Blooming Angel Bakery and Cafe call them) come in boxes of five (P495+) and ten (P990+).

The bakery has ten flavors to choose from, including lotus, injeolmi (sweet Korean rice cake), tiramisu and hazelnut cream cheese. © 2020. Hinge Inquirer Publications, Inc.


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