a medical worker injects a woman with covid-19 vaccine in novaliches quezon city
If it makes you feel any better, only 0.0013% of fully vaxxed Filipinos got COVID

As the first case of the supposedly vaccine-resistant Lambda variant is recorded in the country, here’s a reminder that being (fully) vaccinated against COVID-19 still works

mental health hotline call
Mental health crisis hotline calls surge as pandemic continues

The only thing consistent now is how more than 500 days in community quarantine (and all its variations) are taking a toll on our mental health

a woman injected covid-19 vaccine by a man
NCR residents can get vaccinated during ECQ—regardless of priority

If you’re an NCR resident aged 18 or older, you can get vaccinated during ECQ. Just make sure you register ahead

In defense of talong and all the nutrients it contains

Eggplants actually contain fiber, magnesium, vitamins, and calcium. So yes, eggplants—as a matter of fact—have nutritional value

saliva rt-pcr test
Delta COVID-19 variant: What are the signs and symptoms?

While vaccination is the best line of defense against the Delta variant, identifying the symptoms can still help curb the spread

johnson&johnson janssen covid-19 vaccine vial held by a gloved hand
Who gets first dibs at Johnson&Johnson single-shot COVID-19 vaccines?

Senior citizens who are part of the A2 priority group will benefit from the 3.2 million doses from the U.S., according to DOH

Long Covid might be linked to changes in your brain, research suggests

Long Covid is still a mystery to most doctors, but new research shows that it may be linked to alterations in the brain

ESSAY: Between the pandemic and the vaccine, we are all living half lives

Restaurants are open, malls are crowded, traffic is back to being insane—but over 90 percent of the population are yet to be vaccinated

No ifs or guts about it: What to eat and drink to improve gut health

We all know yogurt and whole grains are good for your gut, so here’s what else you can add to your shopping list

Tricycle, pedicab, delivery drivers, get vaccinated at this CCP drive-thru

Vaccine Express, a project of the Office of the Vice President and the City of Manila, aims to increase vaccination rates by targeting specific groups, starting with public transportation drivers