A comprehensive guide to taking vitamins

Growing up means taking your vitamins. But the question is, which ones? And do you actually need to take separate supplements?

election anxiety art by levenspeil sangalang
Anxious about the looming elections? Here’s how to deal

If you’ve had vivid dreams about candidates, or have been unable to focus at work because of the elections, don’t worry. You’re not alone

woman and man filling out forms in a government office
‘I have flu-like symptoms. Can I still vote on May 9?’ and other COVID-19 and election questions

ICYMI: Comelec says COVID-19 patients in isolation facilities and those who are under quarantine won’t be allowed to vote. But what about voters who are exhibiting symptoms but have not yet been confirmed to have COVID?

A cyclist lines up at Manila City’s drive-thru vaccination site
Yes, you can bike to your drive-thru booster appointment in Manila

Some netizens are even saying you can take an on-demand motorcycle ride to the vaccination site at Lawton to get your COVID-19 booster shot

a motorist presenting his vaccination card to a police officer at a checkpoint
COVID vaccination cards are badly designed. Here’s how to care for it anyway

This flimsy paper is your gate pass to everywhere nowadays, you will certainly want to keep it intact. But how?

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Your go-to branded paracetamol’s sold out? Going generic is a good idea. Hear us out

As Filipinos scramble to find stocks of their preferred brand-name medication for cold and flu symptoms, the government is urging the public to consider generic counterparts. Here’s why that’s a good idea

orange molnupiravir anti-covid pills by merck
Molnupiravir: Everything you need to know about the anti-COVID pill

Merck’s antiviral pill which showed promising results in clinical trials may be available locally starting November. But what is it really?

cyclists taking the bike lane in metro manila
Which are the most bike-friendly cities in PH? Mobility groups want to hear from you

Mobility Awards, an initiative by local alternative transport and climate groups, is out to find out which cities, establishments, and workplaces are most conducive to biking

How to survive election season in one piece

We all have different political beliefs. Some of us just happen to be bound by blood or bond to people on different areas of the spectrum

Can I eat this? A guide to navigating moldy food

We’ve all been surprised by a colony of green fuzz growing on the side of our sliced bread, but is it safe to eat? We have the answers