May 2, 2018

As a new parent, it’s totally normal to go a bit overboard when you go shopping for your little ones. From baby accessories, clothes, toys, and even room decor, you simply want everything to be taken care of.

Look no further, because we found five local brands you can follow for your next kiddie shopping spree:

Little Luli

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This clothing brand makes boy, girl, and gender neutral clothes for children. Little Luli’s designs use open and looser cuts with simple yet playful details to make sure that the pieces can grow with your kids. They also released a summer collection for moms to make ‘twinning’ a lot cuter.


Pottly N Tubby

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Pottly N Tubby is a children’s boutique that creates handmade products to brighten up your kids’ rooms. They have teepees and tents, bean bags, decorative pillows, and other furniture.



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Thoughtful and spontaneous, classy, effortless, and artsy… these are the designs being carried by googoo&gaga. Their summer collection perfectly emanates the quirky, colorful drawings made by kids as they grasp the concept of pens and crayons. googoo&gaga uses sublimation printing technology, and no two products are “exactly alike.”


La Pomme Party

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This shop is perfect if you’re celebrating your child’s birthday anytime soon. La Pomme Party offers a “Decorate-a-Plush” activity where kids can stuff, decorate, and personalize their chosen plushies. Cultivate your child’s creativity as they make new friends.


Fun Nest

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If you have a knack for jazzing up the kids’ room, you might want to check out some stuff from Fun Nest. Besides toys, they also carry playmats, shelves, wall decals, and even ball pits.


Bonus: Chunky Chewelries

A necklace that doubles as a teething toy? Yes! Chunky Chewelries creates bold, colorful accessories that secretly serve as teething toys for their babies. You can customize the accessories to hang on their strollers, cribs, or simply wear them as bracelets.

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